Marrakech incoming travel agency

Marrakech incoming travel agency

Best time to visit Morocco

Morocco is a year-round destination. But the country has an extremely varied geography, with a long windswept coastline, towering mountain ranges and hot, dry deserts. This means that the weather varies massively across the country. The best time to visit Morocco depends on where about in the country you are travelling to. Broadly speaking, April and May are the best time to visit, as for the majority of Morocco the weather is warm and dry.

Winter perfect to visit

Winters are generally mild although temperatures at night can fall dramatically, with record lows of 26.5 degrees Fahrenheit recorded in Marrakesh. A dusting of snow is not unusual in northern Morocco and, of course, the Atlas Mountains are prone to heavy snowfall in winter. You can even ski at Oukaideman, located 80 kilometers south of Marrakesh. Winters in the north of the country and along the coast can be quite wet, while winters in the south are drier but colder, especially at night.

Summer ideal to visit

During the peak summer months, the weather can get uncomfortably hot, especially in Marrakesh, Fez, and southwest Morocco (remember that the further south you go, the closer you are to the Sahara Desert). Coastal destinations like Tangier, Rabat, and Essaouira are a more comfortable choice at this time of year because they benefit from the cool ocean breeze. Despite the heat, many people choose to visit Morocco at this time because it coincides with the European summer vacation.

Best time to visit Coasts

Weather-wise, the best time to visit Morocco’s beaches is during the summer, when average temperatures of around 80 degrees Fahrenheit offer plenty of opportunities for catching rays. Also an escape from the intense heat of the country’s interior. Sea temperatures are also at their warmest during this time of year, with the average water temperature for July recorded at 70 degrees Fahrenheit. However, summer is also peak tourist season, so make sure to book well in advance, especially if you plan on visiting hotspots like Essaouira or Agadir.

Best time to visit the Sahara desert

If you’re planning a trip to the Sahara desert, the most comfortable time to do so is during fall or early spring. In this way, you’ll be able to avoid the bone-dry landscapes and scorching temperatures of summer (which average around 115 degrees Fahrenheit), and the freezing nighttime temperatures of winter. At any time of the year, temperatures tend to plummet after dark, so it’s best to bring a warm jacket regardless of when you plan to visit. Although spring is generally a good time to visit the desert, it’s important to remember that April, in particular, can bring with it the sandstorms of the Sirocco wind.